NFL Draft overload reaches fever pitch

April 23, 2018

The NFL draft hype has been going strong for what seems like months now, as the Bills likely focus on taking the franchise quarterback they’ve been looking for. Thursday night is when Buffalo’s QB of the present and future will likely be revealed.

Over the past week, UCLA’s Josh Rosen has been mocked to fall out of the top 10 entirely, due to an array of factors, including intangibles and durability. Josh Allen, even though some mock him at the #1 pick to Cleveland, has been dissected by seemingly everyone in scouting and social media, from his small-school level play, to his accuracy concerns.

We have Darnold’s small sample size at USC, and Baker Mayfield’s off-the-field (and in some cases, on-the-field) charisma concerns.

Then there’s Lamar Jackson, who has been compared to Tyrod Taylor by some fans, even though based on film Jackson has a better arm and his athleticism surpasses Taylor’s.

Rarely do years come around, such as 2018, where as many as six (including Oklahoma State’s Mason Rudolph) QB’s could go in the first round. The last time six QB’s went in the first round was the historic 1983 class. The last time five were taken was in 1999.

It’s a year where not only are there quite a few first-round level talented QB’s, but teams are in need of one in the top half of the draft.

However, the NFL draft buildup and preparation is a marathon. Prospects were critiqued well before this offseason even began and, by April, there isn’t much to discuss that hasn’t already been brought up. That’s when you see stocks fall. It’s the time you see new or rehashed concerns pop up. There’s too much buildup in regards to the NFL Draft, and this year is no different.

Quarterbacks like Rosen or Allen could very well bust in pro football, but the talent they have is more than enough for teams like the Bills to take a chance on them, and for fans to be genuinely excited if and when one of them is drafted by Buffalo on Thursday night.

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