Younger Bills fans will see their dream come true, and that’s fantastic

January 4, 2018

Playoff game? Please tell me everything about it.

At the risk of speaking for everyone in Buffalo old enough to remember the good and great 90’s teams, one of the best parts about this week is knowing that younger Bills fans will get to experience seeing their beloved team in a real live NFL playoff game rather than just hearing stories about it.

Parents, older friends and family have told the younger generation what it was like. I was fortunate enough to attend all three AFC Championship games that were played in Buffalo during that run and could spend hours talking about each of them.

The sheer joy of knowing by the second quarter of 51-3 that the Bills were going to their first Super Bowl was unforgettable. That sick and uncomfortable feeling that gunslinger John Elway would find a way to break Buffalo’s hearts disappeared instantly when Carlton Bailey saved the day. Right before my eyes, the defense overpowered a Hall of Fame quarterback and the best in my youth, Joe Montana, in reaching Super Bowl XXVIII.

But that was only part of it. There are plenty of memories, good and bad, from playoff games before and after that stretch. If you’re too young to remember, don’t ask for too many details on what happened the last time the Bills faced the Jaguars in the playoffs.

As was the case back then, one of the great things about these Bills is the connection with the fans. This team is just plain likable.

If you aren’t happy for Kyle Williams then you might not have a heart. If you don’t feel anything when hearing a radio caller crying because he desperately wanted his son to experience the thrills of Bills playoff football like he did, you might be better off spending your time┬áboring yourself to tears staring at Frank Lloyd Wright and Louis Sullivan masterpieces.

In a time of ugly weather and political unrest, it’s been great seeing this community come together for the biggest football day for Buffalo in two decades. If you’re young enough that this postseason tilt is a first for you, soak it up. Not just the game Sunday, but this entire week. Be with as many friends and family as possible for kickoff. Because, win or lose, you’ll never forget where you were or the people who were around you.

Dave Davis
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I’m 31 and I don’t remember watching a playoff game. I have some vague memory of a Super Bowl party at my parents’ house, but not the game itself. The game in ’99 I didn’t watch; I was camping with my Scout troop and I sat in my dad’s car with the radio on, listening to most of it.

When they lost, I definitely remember thinking “Oh well, they’ll go back soon”…


Stick to hockey Dave! Just kidding. This weekend’s game is all anyone has been talking about and I can hardly wait for it to get here. I’m jealous of older people who remember their team going to the Super Bowl, although I’m not sure how my mental state would’ve held up losing 4 of them. Probably not this season, but maybe soon this version of the Bills can take it to the house!

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