There’s reason for hope, but not necessarily high expectations

October 5, 2017

There’s a new management team, a new coach and a new style of play. There are also quite a few new players. Finally, true hope for the Buffalo Sabres, right? Well, not so fast. Sorry to rain on the Playoffs-Here-We-Come parade, but to be honest, most of that hope and promise is for the near future, not the here-and-now. The Sabres…

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Kevin Oklobzija
About Kevin Oklobzija

Kevin Oklobzija is a contributor to The Buffalo Star, a veteran hockey writer and member of the Rochester Americans Hall of Fame. He still believes National Lampoon’s Vacation may be the best movie ever made.

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Well, O’Reilly, Okposo, and conceivably Reinhart are here to stay for years. So where’s the improvement going to come from to ever put them up at a level that will lead them to a Cup? Seems like most people think Kane is on his way out and that’s 30 goals walking out the door replaced by…Bailey? Mittelstadt is a center so he’s not heading to the wing. Nylander seems as much a ? as Bailey and Baptiste. If these guys who are already on the team aren’t the answer I don’t see where the answers are coming from in the… Read more »
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