Bills better due to new defense, not new culture

October 3, 2017

At a surprising 3-1, leading the AFC East, the Buffalo Bills are currently ready-made to have whatever positive narrative you want to attach to them. New England’s unexpected failure to field an NFL defense for four weeks has put Buffalo in a position to be the beneficiary of positive spin about organizational culture change. Traditional NFL media looks at this…

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Rivers McCown
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Rivers McCown is a contributor to The Buffalo Star as well as a football analytics writer for Football Outsiders, The Athletic and ESPN Insider. Besides that, he's here because the football world can never have enough McCowns.

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I think it’s clearly two things that feed each other. McDermott preaches discipline but also listens and learns from the talented players he is working with. He was flexible and is playing to everyone’s strengths and they are living up to that work he is putting in for them. This is a combination of strategy and culture building that leads to success. An example of this I always think about is Chip Kelly vs Belichick. When Kelly started in Philly everyone compared him to Bill but in the end, he never had the same kind of buy-in from players long… Read more »

I get that the culture thing gets a bit overplayed, but the team sure seems to be a close group. Is that because they’re winning or because they genuinely like each other that much? Don’t know, but it sure is fun to see.


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