No shootout chance for Eichel was just plain wrong

October 5, 2017

The build-up to puck drop for the latest new era of Buffalo Sabres hockey was perfectly orchestrated, perfectly presented. One by one, public address announcer Jay Moran called out player names in numerical order, or mostly so. And the fans cheered time and time again. And then, at the end, the leadership team, the guys wearing the “A” until a…

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Kevin Oklobzija
About Kevin Oklobzija

Kevin Oklobzija is a contributor to The Buffalo Star, a veteran hockey writer and member of the Rochester Americans Hall of Fame. He still believes National Lampoon’s Vacation may be the best movie ever made.

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I don’t know. It would be nice to think Jack would score but I’m sure Housley watches him in practice. I am fine with the shooters chosen.


& coach has to turn 1st 3 shooters prior to start od SO. PH didnt pick 23 as iur last chance down 0-1. The choices were reasonable. 15 will get his chances even tho he’s<10%! PS-i hate shootouts!!

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