Bills 2018 quarterback watch, Part VII: Baker Mayfield

October 27, 2017

Baker Mayfield may be one of the most exciting quarterbacks in the country as he makes his case to be a Heisman finalist as a senior. While many debate whether he has the skill set to play in the NFL, there is no doubting he is a playmaker. Similar to Tim Tebow and Johnny Manziel, Mayfield can make unconventional plays…

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Austin Smith
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Austin Smith does extensive college scouting work for and has had his work featured on various media outlets. Rumor has it he knows more about college QB's than about members of his own family.

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Completely disagree. His intangibles are through the roof. He is a natural leader. His incident was like Dak’s DUI. Isolated from his overall great football character.

Take Mayfield’s intangibles over Rosen any time.

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