Bills 2018 quarterback watch, Part VI: Luke Falk

October 13, 2017

Potential tends to be the key word when the top quarterback prospects in the 2018 class are mentioned, but not with Luke Falk. By the time the season ends, he will have over 40 career starts under his belt. While Mike Leach doesn’t exactly run a system that translates to the NFL, it’s safe to say scouts know what Falk…

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Austin Smith
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Austin Smith does extensive college scouting work for and has had his work featured on various media outlets. Rumor has it he knows more about college QB's than about members of his own family.

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“Consider a player like Patrick Mahomes, who came from a similar system yet couldn’t be any more different than Falk. Mahomes was much more advanced as an athlete yet leagues behind Falk as a quarterback. I would say that Falk has less upside but also far less bust potential.”

Seriously? Based on what. Falk’s upside is a broken Sam Bradford. He looks awkward and is not a playmaker. Pass.

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