Things the Bills can learn from Jerry Hughes

September 18, 2017

This chart from’s Next Gen Stats package will not surprise you if you watched Buffalo’s 9-3 loss to Carolina on Sunday: Jerry Hughes was up in Cam Newton’s business all day. Some of Hughes’ two-sack, three-TFL performance was helped along by rushing against toolsy bust Matt Kalil.  But Hughes has been wildly productive, especially back before Rex Ryan came…

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Rivers McCown
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Rivers McCown is a contributor to The Buffalo Star as well as a football analytics writer for Football Outsiders, The Athletic and ESPN Insider. Besides that, he's here because the football world can never have enough McCowns.

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The Bills new regime also approached the draft not as a place to acquire and nurture top talent but as a way to fill the needs of the coach. They let their top CB go in FA. They draft his cheaper replacement in round 1. They let their #2 WR go. His replacment is traded up for in the 2nd round. They need a better RT. They trade up to fill that need. If the Bills are actually rebuilding (and there is no clear direction that is happening) then they need to stop using the draft as a way to… Read more »
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