Coming to an NHL rink near you: Slashing minors. Lots of slashing minors

September 18, 2017

The most noticeable trait when NHL hockey, preseason style, returned to KeyBank Center on Monday wasn’t Robin Lehner’s save-making abilities or Sam Reinhart’s pass-making abilities. It was the crackdown on slashing. And not those vicious, two-handed, lumberjackian hacks, either. We’re instead talking about the hacks to the hands and wrists, the fairly innocent fouls that the rule book forever has…

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Kevin Oklobzija
About Kevin Oklobzija

Kevin Oklobzija is a contributor to The Buffalo Star, a veteran hockey writer and member of the Rochester Americans Hall of Fame. He still believes National Lampoon’s Vacation may be the best movie ever made.

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Wouldn’t it be something if the Sabres were yet again the beneficiaries of the NHL trying to speed the game up, just like back in 05-06?


Let’s not forget about Ryan O”Reilly nearly having his **** broken by a slash from Crosby.


I know, then he acts like it wasn’t intentional. Yeah right!

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