Bills 2018 quarterback watch, Part II: Josh Rosen

September 14, 2017

Last year in the season opener against Texas A&M, I remember telling a friend that we may be watching back-to-back first overall picks with Myles Garrett trying to get his hands on Josh Rosen. Unfortunately for the California native, he spent that afternoon running for his life, which became the theme for his injury-shortened sophomore year. While scouting his six…

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Austin Smith
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Austin Smith does extensive college scouting work for and has had his work featured on various media outlets. Rumor has it he knows more about college QB's than about members of his own family.

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Rosen has the arm talent but he does not like to get hit. I don’t see his personality meshing well with Buffalo the city or with McDermott. McDermott seems to favor less talented veterans who will not question his leadership.


Rosen again looked like a talented passer with some absolutely horrendous decisions. Josh Allen Hype Machine needs to end. The dinosaur scouts who pushed Blaine Gabbert and Blake Bortles have a new crush.

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