B-Star Briefing: Happy 2-week anniversary to us!

September 20, 2017

We’re two weeks in, but it’s felt more like two months. Two great, hectic, exciting months. Maybe it’s because of the entire summer that was spent getting this thing ready to roll.

In any event, The Buffalo Star launched on September 6th. It’s been a fun ride already.

One of the promises I made was transparency to the readers. With that in mind, I want to share some facts and figures with you, as well as use this as an open thread for subscriber input.

Well over 10,000 people (10,502 to be exact) have visited us in our first 14 days of existence. What are they reading the most? Here are the top 10 pieces in terms of views:

  1. Risto piece (Matthew C.)
  2. Guhle shines (Kevin O.)
  3. Welcome to the site (Dave D.)
  4. Sabres projections (Sean T.)
  5. Jeff Parker obit (Kevin O.)
  6. Eichel for captain (Dave D.)
  7. Housley’s system (Kevin O.)
  8. Sabres game night giveaways (Chris O.)
  9. Prospects Challenge preview (Kevin O.)
  10. Nathan Paetsch feature (Kevin O.)

Most of these pieces are still freely available because they were published during free preview week.

Keep in mind that the rankings are affected by date published. By the end of today, the quick article I posted on Darren Dreger’s report of Jack Eichel’s agent meeting with the Sabres this week will likely knock Kevin’s wonderful Paetsch piece off the list. Also, Rivers McCown’s piece on what Bills management did to the roster just missed the cut, even though I thought it was very well done.

Some other stats for you tech geeks out there: 66% read us using a mobile device (that’s higher than what I expected), compared to 27% desktop and 7% tablet. Two-thirds of you use Apple devices.

Regarding demographics, 25-34 (39%) and 35-44 (25%) lead the way. Surprisingly to me, there have been more 45-54’s (15%) than 18-24’s (13%).

Most of you who subscribed went with the All-Star (1-year) plan (73%). Monthly folks make up 16%, followed by Superstars (3-year) at 9% and the heralded Hall of Famers (Lifetime) at 2%. (If you aren’t part of the club, please join us. There are some cool incentives available for signing up!)

With all of that said, I want to give the floor to all of you who’ve shown faith in this venture and what we’re trying to do here. The direction this site takes, over time, is largely dependent on the needs and wants of you folks who invest in it. Hit me up in the comments section with questions and feedback and I’ll respond to each of you. And thanks again for your support.

Dave Davis
About Dave Davis

Dave Davis is not only a columnist and editor for The Buffalo Star but also its Founder and Owner. Dave believes yelling "Shoot!" during a power play should be a criminal misdemeanor.

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I signed up on the first day because I’m fed up with some of the narrative driven coverage from other writers in town. The lineup you put together is pretty solid. I hope that this works and grows into something, and I think it’s really cool that you keep us updated. The only thing I’d suggest is since you’re going with this paid subscription deal, then do it all the way. If you have too many free articles then people who paid might get upset. Other than that, keep it going!


I’m not sure what your plans are for game recaps, but I’d love to see some opinions on the players since I can’t catch many being on the west coast. Maybe a 3-Stars with who stood out, a 3-Zeros with who mailed it in, and maybe some sort of easily digestible infographic with some fancy stats. Check out what the Sharks put out for their games, pretty cool. Love the site so far!


Sabres recaps and game previews


I wouldn’t change much of anything, Dave. I’m here mostly for the hockey articles and I’ve liked them. And besides that, the site is clean. Not having annoying ads and video popping up is a BIG plus to me.


Love what you are trying to build here and I want to see it work because it fills a void in our coverage…So, a suggestion… make giving a gift subscription super easy and advertise it. $30? Perfect gift for a local sports fan especially in a few months. Make it as easy as possible so that your existing network can expand your subscriptions for you.
Best of luck,


Please keep the rumors real. Id like more Amerks coverage. Whos ready to come up or who is having trouble. Thanks Dave


I like what I’ve seen so far. Very good collection of writers who seem capable of taking a step back and looking at things objectively. The pieces have been first rate, a class of which has been sorely lacking in Buffalo media for some time now. Glad you guys are here…keep it up.

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