Taylor has been dealt a bad hand

September 19, 2017

Tyrod Taylor was set up to fail with the Buffalo Bills this season. Say what you will about his ability as a pocket passer, or how good he is at reading the middle of the field. You can fault his accuracy as a quarterback or his deep ball. Maybe you think he’s just not good enough to lead the Buffalo Bills to the postseason and break a 17-year playoff drought.

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Ryan Nagelhout
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Ryan Nagelhout is a contributor to The Buffalo Star, mostly covering the Bills. He's also a writer for UPROXX Sports and Editor in Chief of The Goose's Roost, and he happens to be a brilliant arena and stadium food critic.

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I think this setting up Tyrod to fail is an interesting point. I have even seen some Bills Koolaid drinkers insist that the terrible match between Taylor and the Dennison offense was all part of Sean and Beane’s Masterplan to get that franchise QB. I prefer a simpler explanation. Dinosaur offensive coaches that don’t belong in the NFL and gross incompetence.


I blame Rex.

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